You will need to purchase an assignment planner in the office, before or after school for your child. The planner will be utilized in classes daily for each student to record assignments and homework. It is the students’ responsibility to have you sign their planner each night affirming completion. This is an excellent communication tool between home and school. Any discipline problems will also be recorded in daily planners.


    Each Thursday your child will bring a folder home containing important information, and graded assignments. This will keep you, the parents, aware of your child’s progress at school. Please check and sign Thursday folders each week to monitor your child’s academic growth and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thursday folders should be returned signed on Fridays.


    Daily assignments are to be recorded in the student’s planner. It is the student’s responsibility to circle any assignment that is homework. We will initial the planner everyday. This is so when the student returns home, you will know exactly what homework your child may have. All assignments will need the correct heading in right hand corner of paper.


    Name John Smith

    Teacher’s last initial- Student # W- 22

    Date 8-14-07

    Subject- Page # Math p. 17


    All homework is due the day after the assignment is given. Any late assignments will receive a 10 point penalty. After 5 days the assignment will be a zero in the grade book. All students are allowed one day for each day they were absent to make up missing work.


    Students should not arrive at school before 8:45 am. They should go directly to the cafeteria. After entering the classroom quietly, students will get everything they will need for the day from their backpacks. *We will not allow students to get into their backpacks during class. Each student will need to have two pencils sharpened for the day and materials ready. Students will sit in their assigned seats and begin working on morning assignment.


    Students will be walking in the hallways while other classes are in session. We ask that all students walk quietly, in a single file line facing forward. Students should walk in the second, full row of tiles next to the wall, with arms folded. This prevents students from touching any artwork in the hallway.

    **Note- A line order may be assigned by the teacher.


    Students will be given restroom breaks after PE/Music, before lunch, and after recess. Students will not always be able to go during class. Some teachers will allow you to go only if it is an emergency.

    There is no talking in the restroom. Monitors will be assigned and if a student’s name is taken by a monitor they will owe the teacher a Chance Card.

    We expect that all students will wash their hands and pick up after themselves.


    The teacher will tell the students when to line up. Students will push in chairs, check area for materials and trash, and walk quietly to the door. The TEACHER will dismiss, not the clock.


    Students will sit at assigned table when entering the cafeteria. The duty teacher will dismiss a quiet table to lineup. Students are never allowed to share lunch with one another.


    Students will follow standard recess rules. When recess bell rings, students will line up in designated area and wait for the teacher to pick up the class.


    The students will have their planners signed by the teacher before they change back to their homeroom. After changing classrooms, students will take a seat and listen for any announcements or directions. Materials will be gathered, if needed, to take home. Each student will have a classroom job to take care of at the end of the day. Once this is completed the students are to get backpacks ready and quietly sit until they are dismissed by the teacher.