• Donors Choose

    Donors choose is a fantastic resource for our classroom.  They provide an unbiased program that allows public school teachers to post “projects” that can in turn be funded by independent donors who wish to help.  Anyone can donate!!!



    Unfortunately most classroom supplies are purchased by teachers.  School districts just don’t have the budgets to give us everything we need.  By using Donors Choose you are guaranteed that your funding will go to a classroom in need, and be used directly with students.


    How can you help?:

    Glad you askedJ, I use my own funds to create the classroom environment I feel is needed to effectively teach kindergarteners.  By utilizing Donors Choose, I can minimize the supplies I buy out of pocket.  You can help by going to the web link at the bottom and donate to our room.  You would be surprised at how fast even $5 adds up.  

    Visit my Donors Choose account and view my current projects at: