Mrs. Wheeler's Grade 2  

    "I have confidence in YOU!" Good behavior is always expected plan! 

    I will always EXPECT your child to show me their best  behavior each and every day in the classroom and at school. 


    Classroom Rules to Follow Are: 

    Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Ready to Learn 


    Whole Brain Teaching Rules of The Jungle Are: 

    1. Follow directions quickly 2. Raise your hand to speak

    3. Raise your hand to get out of your seat 4. Make smart choices 

    5. Make your Teacher happy! 


    *Consequences will be #1 talking privately with Teacher at the Teacher table where the student is guided towards self-correction of the misbehavior. #2 talking again with Teacher for guidance and student will be assigned a consequence to match rule broken. #3 if student continues to not self-correct and improve their behavior they will sit out on Friday Mystery Prize class fun activity and parent will be contacted.


    *Please note there are two circumstances in the classroom that will  result in  an immediate office referral and parent contact.  They are; #1 physically hurting another student or the Teacher #2 showing blatant disrespect of the Teacher.   



     *revised 8/13/19