• Computer Programming (1 semester) Grade Level 9-12  Prerequisite:  Computer Education and Algebra Course 4010

    This course introduces beginning programming languages such as Visual BASIC programming, emphasizing the logical design, development, testing, and debugging of structured and event-driven programs.  Topics include, but are not limited to, arithmetic operations, decision structures looping, and format output.
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    Other helpful info:
    Things that I will check on your PROGRAM TESTS!:
       1.  Comments...located at the TOP of your code - should ALWAYS include your name, date, and PROGRAM NAME.
       2.  Buttons, labels, radio buttons, etc. named appropriately. 
       3.  Program works correctly when executed.
       4.  Any unnecessary code (should be removed from the code page).
       5.  Make sure the answer(s) disappear when ANY textbox is changed.