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    • All notes, handouts and assignments are accesible on my canvas page.
    • Note: Parent's will need to set up access to view their childs canvas classroom. Click here for an informative video on how to gain acces.

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    General Supplies - These supplies will need to be carried in the students back pack and brought to class every single day. I suggest getting a zipper pouch to keep all supplies organized.

    • Pencil
    • Colored Pen for grading
    • Highlighters (at least 3 colors)
    • BLACK Dry Erase Marker (thick and thin)  
    • Composition Book (one per semester)
    • Glue stick, scotch tape or masking tape (however student wants to secure loose papers in composition book)
    • Zipper pouch

    Classroom Supplies:

    • Kleenex OR Paper Towels (If you would like to donate hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes, they are greatly appreciated).


    Due to Covid class sets of calculators will not be available.

    It is highly advisable to purchase a Texas Instrument TI-83 or Texas Instrument TI-84 graphing calculator however, we do not actively use the graphing function until September so it is OK if you don't have one the first week of school. We will be using desmos.com to graph on occasion, but students will have to use the 83/84 on the tests as they will not have access to their computer. We have a limited number of TI-83 calculators available for check out (like a textbook). Please notify your teacher if you need to have a calculator issued to you.