Coach Clark’s  Math of Finance  Syllabus


     Materials Needed

    Composition Notebook

    Writing Utensil

    Caclulator-TI-30XS Multiview


    One Rule – Respect

    I must be able to teach.  You must be able to learn.  Anything that prevents those two things from happening will result in disciplinary action.


    Course Design and Grading

    .  Your grade in this course will be determined by

    1. 80% --Your daily assignments, quizzes, and activities.
    2.             Test Grades—Approx. 6 to 8 tests per semester.
    3. 20% -- Semester Test


    Absent work is the responsibility of the student to get and turn in.

    Although absences will not count against your grade, the school handbook will be followed for credit in the class.  Only 10 absences, including tardies, will be allowed for credit.  Remember that 2 tardies count as one absence.


                Work that is more than two days late will not be accepted.  If you are absent, you will get the day you return plus the number of days you were absent to complete the assignments.


                There is no extra credit.  Do not expect at the end of the semester to ask to do extra credit or make up work…..it will not be allowed.


    Letter grades will be assigned using the following scale:


    90% - 100% = A

    80% -   89% = B

    70% -   79% = C

    60% -   69% = D

    Below 60% is failing


    Electronic devices are not allowed.