• Dear Parents,
      Hello!  I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year! I want to give you more information on the Donor's Choose form I sent home with students on Wednesday, August 21.  If you are not familiar with the donorschoose.org organization, they have teachers create wishlists for supplies or equipment for class.  Then, they find donors to fund the project and the teacher receives the items from their list.  The donors request a thank you package from teachers with photos of their classroom and the students using the requested materials. At no time will donors receive student names or the location of the school.  This year, we received a seismograph (to measure earthquake waves), a wireless weather station, a chicken egg incubator, two new aquariums for some exciting new critters (tree frogs and geckos!), and countless basic supplies (bulletin boards, pens, folders, etc) that make a classroom run!  Please sign the photography release and have your student return it by Friday, August 23 so I can start on the thank you packages for these amazing donors!  Thank you!
    Tami Thomason
    HEJH Science