Request for Professional Development Funds and/or Points

  • To request funds or workshop from the Professional Development Committee please use this form which will be submitted for review.

    PD Request Form

    1. Completed PD Request form must be submitted to the Professional Development secretary, April Nordstrom, at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance (for review by PD committee). If you are traveling out of district, you must submit all required forms at least sixty (60) calendar days prior to the event, since they must also be approved by the School Board. 
    2. After approval is received the course/session can be set up in Thrive.
    3. In-District: After the session is concluded and attendance is marked you are required to turn in the sign-in sheet to the Professional Development secretary within 5 days following the workshop.
    4. Out-of-District: After the workshop, it will be your responsibility to submit a proposed transfer in THRIVE to receive out of district professional development points.


    Additional forms that you may need for your request...


    Submit completed form(s) to the Professional Development Secretary at the email link shown below:

    April Nordstrom