• parent letter

    August, 2018
    Dear parents,
    It is so good to be back at school. Your student will be reading a novel in class. This is the purpose of my letter. Every student reads independently for 10-15 minutes each day. (Sometimes longer.)This is a book that they choose to read. There are assignments and writings about their book as well as a daily reading grade. You can see their weekly reading grade on infinite campus under the reading section. Every week I grade them on if they are actually reading, and not just grabbing a book. Most students love this time and have no problems selecting a book. They can bring a book from home, check one out at our school library, or use one of mine. I want them to find a book that they enjoy and will commit to finish. Some of the problems I am having are that some students owe library fines or don’t like what I have in the way of a class library. (Although I do have a large selection of books, what I have may not interest your child.) Or some will just go to my shelf and grab anything. This is unfortunate not only because they can’t earn a grade doing that, but it does not motivate them to read. I am asking for your help here. If you would, ask your student what they are reading in reading class. Every now and then ask how the book is coming, what is going on in the book, etc. Also, if you could help your student select a book from home, the public library, or at a book store, that would really help me.
    I really enjoy having your children. They are so wonderful. I appreciate all of your support and if I can do anything to help you or your student, please let me know.
    Emily Giles

    Reading Specialist
    Moore High School

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