• course outline, grading policy, rules and consequences


    Mrs. Giles   Room 633

    English 11

    Student's supply list

    2- One subject notebook

    pens, pencils, and paper

    A novel of student's choice

    box of kleenex

    Grading pollicy

    40 percent class work

    40 percent tests and assessments

    20 percent daiy 15 minute independent reading with weekly        written responses

    Students will read their novel the first 10- 15 minutes in class. Fridays the student will write a novel reaction over that week's reading. They have a rubric on how I grade this reading. It is 20 points a day and I put the grade in on Fridays at up to 100 points.


    I try to work things out between the student and parent before involving the office. I will email the parent to keep parent informed of their student's behavior. I document everything. If this does not work, or if it is an big transgression, I will write an office referral and speak to the principal


    I follow all school board policies, and my class room rules reflects this.

    Student May Not have their phones out without my permission. I will warn once and take the phone and give it back at the end of class. Should this be a problem, I will take the phone to the principal.

    Watch being late for class. Tardies count on attnedance counts.

    I will not tolerate any disrespect to other students, myself, principals, fellow teachers, or students coming into my room

    Hats and/or sunglasses may not be worn in class unless approved by Mr.Coyle


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