• Name of Course:  8th Grade Art   -   8th Grade Art 3D Art   -  7th Grade Block Art
    Instructor-   Charles McClain
    Description of Course:  Application and knowledge of visual art terms,  the principles and elements of art, the development of historical and cultural art.
     Course Objectives:  The objectives and outcomes of these classes will exhibit greater knowledge in the Arts, with the emphasis on Visual Art.  This knowledge will provide the student with and appreciation and ability to express their ideas.  Students will begin to analyze the principles and elements of design and compare works of Art from the past and also the present.  Students will recognize and appreciate cultural and ethnic traditions that have influenced visual arts.  Students will learn the purpose of art and artists in history through a variety of forms used in business and industry in other societies and their local community.  Students will discover the relationship that exists between visual art and other forms of art such as music, drama, dance,and science.  Relations to other fundamental core subjects such as science and math will also be include in our studies.  
    Materials Used
    Pencils, pens, paint, clay, colored pencils, markers, charcoal,
    Instructional Method
    Hand on projects  by teacher direction through art mediums, the internet, teacher directed lectures, group projects.
    Approximate Dates of Assignments
    Some individual projects may take a day or others may take up to two weeks.  Projects will be graded upon completion before the student is allowed to take them home.
    Expectations of Conduct
    Each student is expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner during all class periods.  They will be expected to follow our safety contract that each of them and their parents will sign.  Any student who demonstrates the inability to follow these rules will be sent to the office.  Students who demonstrate severe misbehavior such as fighting, open defiance of authority, vulgar expression, or conduct that jeopardizes the safety of  others will be immediately referred to the principal.