Every student has an agenda to write assignments in daily.
    All assignments are written on the classroom boards.   The teachers will place a “Y” or a “N” next to the assignment for each subject.

    If an assignment has a "Y" next to it, then that assignment is homework if it was not finished in class.  

    Any assignment that has a "Y" next to it, Will not be turned in the day it is assigned.   If students should happen to finish an assignment marked with a "Y", they are to place in in their binder and keep it there until the next day.
    If the assignment was not completed in class then it is homework and is to be completed at home.

    All assignments marked with a "Y" are due the next class period.  

    An “N” indicates the assignment is not homework, even if it is not completed in class.  These assignments will be tests, quizzes or class assignments.  Tests and quizzes will be turned in the day they are assigned.   Class assignments will be worked on in class.

    Binders should come home every night!  This is an excellent tool for parents to check to be sure if their child has homework and if it is completed. 

    *Note:  If your child uses his/her time wisely in class, it is very likely he/she will not have homework, other than to read for AR points and/or study for tests.  However, you should still have evidence in the binder of completed class work, as any assignment that was marked with a "Y" will not be turned in until the next class period.