• How to Check Your Grades 

    Progress reports will be sent home every three weeks in paper form. Parents and students are also strongly encouraged to check the Parent Portal on a weekly basis to view the most current grades for EVERY class.  You can set up your Parent Portal account through the counselor’s office. 


    Attendance Policy

    In order to receive credit for a course, a student cannot be absent more than (10) days during a given semester. Parents need to call the Attendance Secretary to confirm all absences.  All absences, even confirmed absences, count toward the ten allowable absences unless the absence falls under one of the following categories: 

    1.   School sponsored activities 

    2.   Medical treatment with doctor's note   

    3.   Serving as a legislative page 

    4.   A court subpoena 

    5.   Religious holidays or activities 

    6.   Bereavement 

    All doctor's notes and other documentation of absences need to be delivered to the Attendance Secretary within (5) days of the student's return to school. Please refer to the complete attendance policy in the Student/Parent Handbook that your child received at the beginning of school