Bullying vs Normal Conflict

     How do you know if it’s bullying vs. normal peer conflict?

     Normal peer conflict:
          It happens infrequently (not every day)
          Neither person is wanting attention or power, they just disagree
          Those involved will take responsibility for their actions and feel remorse for the situation
          There is equal power in the relationship
          Those involved want to solve the conflict
          The behavior is annoying, irritating or bothersome

    Bullying behavior:
          It is a repeated problem
          Is  deliberately done to intimidate,  hurt, threaten, insult or harm another person.
          There is unequal power in the relationship
          It’s done on purpose
          The bully has little or no remorse for the victim and they may even exhibit satisfaction from the bullying
          The bully shows no interest in resolving the conflict
          The behavior is frightening, harmful or brings about feelings of fear