Ready for First Grade?

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                                              The more you know... 
    Although all children learn at their own rates and time tables, students entering FIRST GRADE should be able to do the following:
    Language Arts

    Recognize all letters of the alphabet and their common sounds (long and short vowels)

    Write their first and last names with appropriate capital and lowercase letters

    Form all capital and lowercase letters according to the format taught in kindergarten

    Be aware of concepts of print (left to right progression, return sweep, top to bottom progression, spacing between words

    Locate the title of a book

    Track print in a given text along with a taped voice or a teacher's voice

    Recall the characters, setting and basic plot of a story

    Sequence the events of a story

    Use invented spelling to express their thoughts in writing 

    Speak and listen to a variety of audiences

    Differentiate between consonants and vowels

    Blend and segment phonemes  (c-a-t)

    Recognize similarities and differences in initial and final sounds in words

    Produce legible writing with correct spacing of letters and words

    Read basic sight words 

    Math Skills

    Recognize numbers 0 - 20

    Count from 0 - 100

    Recognize color and number words

    Identify whole and halves

    Understand the concepts of more, fewer, greater, less, before, after, and between

    Construct and continue a pattern

    Recognize coins and their value

    Solve simple addition and subtraction facts

    Use a calendar (days of the week and months of the year)

    Write the numbers 1 - 20

    Identify addresses, birthdays, full names, and telephone numbers

    Tell time to the hour