• Parent/Teacher Communication

    Staying informed of your child's academic progress is very important to your child's success.   We have many ways to communicate with you about your child.  Below are ways for you to keep up to date on what's going on in 6th grade and see how your child is doing academically and behaviorally. 

     * Blazer Binder - The Binder should come home every night.  Having consequences for your child when they fail to bring it home is a great way to ensure they are successful.

     *Homework Folder/Agenda - The homework folder and Agenda are kept in the blazer binder.  You can look at the agenda to see if your child received any disciplinary marks for the day, as well as, if your child has any homework to finish.  (See 6th grade homework policy for a detailed explanation)
    *Thursday Folders - Thursday Folders will go home every Thursday that we are in school.  The Thursday folder will have graded papers, and any notes that need to be sent home.  If it's Thursday, you should expect to see the folder.
    *Email - Feel free to email any of the 6th grade teachers about any questions you have.  Email is the quickest way for us to get back to you, as we are required to check our email throughout the day.
    Summer Jeney (resource teacher)
    *Parent Portal - Bring your drivers license to the office and ask for a parent portal password.  Once you have signed up, you can view your child's "in progress" grade as soon as the grade is inputted.  This is an excellent tool to keep up with your child's grades.  Parent portal is also accessible through the Moore schools App for I-phone and android phones!  Click here to go to Parent Portal. 
    *Progress Reports - Progress reports go home half way between each 9 weeks.  Grades on a progress report are not final and are a way for you to check to be sure your child is on track.  If you see any low grades on your child's progress report, they have the rest of the 9 weeks to bring their low grades up.  Once the final report card comes out, the grades are final.  Therefore, the progress report is a line of communication for us to let you know if your child needs improvement.