• As school counselors, we are responsible for the Guidance and Counseling Program at South Lake Elementary.  This program is an integral part of the school's total educational curriculum. Our goal is to help your student become the best he/she can be academically, emotionally, and socially. The following services are available:
    1.  Classroom Guidance - Provides 1-2 guidance lessons a month in each class.

    Topics include:
    Decision-making, problem-solving 
    Motivation to achieve (test-taking strategies)
    Safety (personal, internet, and anti-bullying)
    Substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco, drug) prevention 
    Responsible behavior
    Digital Citizenship 

    2.  Group and Individual Guidance - Addresses the immediate concerns of students.

    Coping with stress and peer pressure: friendship issues
    Grief/ Loss or divorce
    Handling emotions
    School-related issues 

    3.  Individual Planning - Assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development.

    Career awareness
    Standardized testing results 

    4.  System Support - Includes parent and staff support activities and services.

    Community counseling information
    Standardized testing, building test coordinator
    Tutoring and alternative programs
    Students who would like to schedule a visit with me may do so by self, teacher, or parent requests.  Verbal parent permission is required for ongoing guidance.
    If we can be of assistance, please contact us at school.  Thank you for your continued support of the SLE Guidance and Counseling Program.  We are grateful you entrust your child to our daily care.  It is an honor to serve and be a part of the South Lake Elementary Community!