Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Hanke

Thanks for visiting! As I gain more experience as a teacher, I find that my philosophy values process over product. It is more important to me that students show their best work (whatever that looks like) than complete a given project. A positive attitude and willingness to learn are such important skills as students go forward in education! I know that not every student will be an artist, but I do make sure that every student has the opportunity to learn valuable skills like persistence, discipline, cooperation, craftsmanship, and appreciation for diversity in the context of my class. 

My goal is that all students, regardless of skill, get to experience the joy of creating something with heart, mind and hands. I work hard to develop developmentally appropriate yet challenging projects in interesting mediums. I love the process of learning what works and inspires my Bryant artists. We are learning together as we build an art program at our awesome school! Go Blazers! 


I'm inspired by the book Beautiful Oops! It shows us how that with a little creativity, even "mistakes" can become art.  Great artists have great attitudes, even when they experience an "oops!"