• Mrs. Stropes' 40 Book Challenge

    Wow! I'm so excited to introduce you to the biggest part of our 5th grade reading program. As fourth graders you will be required to read 40 books from a variety of genres by the end of the year. YES, 40. The big four-oh. These can be short non-fiction texts, graphic novels, picture and chapter books. If the book is 7 pts. or more, it will count as at least 2 books toward your goal (see chart below). I will give you time in class to read (In fact, much of our class time will be workshop based- so you can read the books you want!). You will need to read at home too, because to meet this goal you will be required to read at least 1 book a week. I won't be doing a reading log this year, but I will know you are reading by completing your independent reading and by our Status of the Class-Checks. You were perhaps challenged to read 100 books in 1st grade. I KNOW you can read 40!
    Book Point Counts
    0.5-6.9 pts = 1 book
    7.0-13.9 pts = 2 books
    14.0-20.9 pts = 3 books
    21.0-27.9 pts = 4 books
    28.0 or more= 5 books