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     Welcome to Physical Science and to General Chemistry 
    Teaching and learning is what being a teacher is all about! Students will play a major role in establishing and maintaining a positive learning about physical science and chemistry: as in what is matter and how does it behave. We assess our learning styles, assess our study skills as well as our skills in reading, writing, math and science. There will be a series fun activities in which students participate to identify  what we know and what we can do - and what we need to enhance to be successful Physical Science and Chemistry.
    I have teaching experience in Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology and Environmental Science. Throughout my science teaching career reading, writing, math and and hands-on experiences have been the foundation for studying science concepts. Some of our hands-on activities and investigation are more in-depth than others, but all of the assignments and activities are based on what students know and can do so they can be effective learners.
    The freshman year establishes the foundation for high school success leading to success in career tech and/or college pursuits. Study skills and learning styles are important to ensuring success and we will monitor our skills sets and enhancement throughout the year.
    Welcome to Physical Science and to Chemistry where you'll learn what role you have in experiencing matter!
    I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you as we work together.