• This page is primarily for students K-6th Grade enrolled in Moore Public Schools
    (Students in these grades-not enrolled in MPS should contact Gyla Davis at 739-XXXX)
    What to do First
    Talk to your child's teacher. Know how your concerns are affecting your child educationally.
    Your teacher can start the referral process for you by contacting the appropriate speech pathologist.
    What happens initially 
    The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) will talk to your child's teacher and observe your child within the classroom to compare them with his/her peers. The SLP will likely start an intervention. However, if your child's skills appear to be developing normally and any concerns will resolve with time, I will let you know.
    The Intervetion 
    Required by law
    Not a Referral for Speech or Language yet
    The school team (teacher, parent, SLP) will gather information and implement interventions to see if supports within the classroom are sufficient to help your child.
    You will be asked to fill out a Case History. The SLP will screen your child. The teacher will provide information and implement interventions. Medical data might be requested.
    The Referral
    At the end of the intervention Period (a minimum of 15 school days), the school team will meet-including you-to let you know interventions have worked or to sign Permission for Testing in the area of Speech and Language if the team still has concerns. Your rights will be reviewed and your questions answered at this time.
    Meetings: Eligibility and possibly Placement 
    When testing and reports have been completed, the team will meet again to review results and see if your child meets federal, state, and local guidelines for a speech or language disorder. If not, you will be offered suggestions to help your child. If your child is eligible for services, placement options will be discussed with you and a DRAFT Individualized Education Program (IEP) with goals will be presented for discussion.