• AP Literature & Composition
    Wordle: Brit Lit  
    This course is designed to comply with the curricular requirements described in the AP English Course Description, focusing on critical thinking, reading, and writing. The AP Literature course is strongly rooted in reading literature and writing about literature. The coursework is intended to be college level, with the intent of:
    1. developing students' reading, writing, and critical thinking to create life-long success in future endeavors;
    2. preparing students for the AP Exam, in order to earn college credit; and
    3. develop effective and efficient habits that will help students succeed in both college and the workforce.
    Please note that with the new district website updates, teacher homepages can be difficult to navigate on mobile devices. For that reason, I have updated my homepage with "shortcut" buttons, shown below. These buttons will take you to the assignments page, class calendar, vocabulary list, and teacher blog. 

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    Agenda, assignments, handouts, and instructions can all be found in our Canvas Classroom. Remember that you log in using your school email address.
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  • College App Essay Assignment


    Choose three prompts to write a college app essay for. Each essay should be typed on a separate Google Doc. This requirement is non-negotiable, as it is meant to make it easy to share with me and your peers for peer revision/editing.

    The first link is to Common App. It has the prompts listed. The other two links are sites that offer very specific advise on how to address EACH prompt. I strongly suggest you peruse those sites to garner ideas on what to focus on in your writing.


    College App Essay Prompts

    Guide to writing College App Essays

    Tips and Examples for a Successful College App Essay