Mrs. Argenbright

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Degrees and Certifications:

BS Chemical Engineering - University of Texas Oklahoma State Department of Education Teaching Certificate: Intermediate Mathematics, Mid-Level Math for High School Credit, Advanced Mathematics

Mrs. Argenbright

My name is Wendy Argenbright and this is my third year teaching at Westmoore High School.  
I was born and raised in Texas and graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I spent 10 years as an Engineer for a Semi-Conductor Fabrication Facility using statistics to optimize processes and analyze data. I quit working in my industry to raise my children. My family has lived in Texas, California, Kentucky and most recently, Oklahoma. I am now a certified teacher in Math and Science, working on my Master's in Educational Technology at the University of Texas.
You will notice that I do not use the term parent or guardian in my letters home. I use the term grown-up. In addition to raising our biological daughter, my husband and I were foster parents and have adopted three boys. I have also helped raise cousins, siblings, and neighbors. I understand that the makeup of a family is not nearly as simple as parent/guardian. Whoever you are, you are your student’s grown-up. My goal is to make sure that no student feels left out or in any way inferior because of who is raising them.
My goal this year is to provide every student the opportunity to deeply understand how Math can shape their future, to provide a wide range of career options that utilize the math they will learn this year, and give them the ability to succeed in these careers.  Math is relevant!
Some students may notice that my teaching style is a little different than what they are accustomed to.  This is because my background is in Engineering.  I prefer to teach towards conceptual understanding rather than memorizing formulas and rules.  I always teach the "why" before the "what" and follow up with the "when will I use it".  Homework is truly practice and as such is graded as a completion grade.  If you make an effort, right or wrong, you get credit.  I require students to show their work on ALL assignments.  We will always review homework and make sure that students leave understanding how to correctly do the work.  Tests are where I look for mastery.  I will always allow a student in good standing to retake tests until mastery is demonstrated.  
If you have any questions or concerns about your student I am always open to communication.  You can email me at 
Thank you!
Wendy Argenbright