• Hello, my name is Judy King, and I am the Title 1 Reading Specialist for Central Elementary. I have taught 39 years. 31 of those years at Central Elementary. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from West Texas A&M University with certification in Elementary Education and my Master of Education degree from the University of Oklahoma with certification as a Reading Specialist. I also have a National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading/Language Arts. 
    Rebecca McDougal is the Title 1 Assistant. Becky has several years of experience working with small groups of children in Title 1. She is a highly qualified paraprofessional who has a 2-year degree in early childhood education. This is her 15th year teaching at Central. 
    Reading is the main subject we focus our time and resources.  Mrs. McDougal and I instruct small groups of children to build their skills in reading.  We mostly focus our teaching on Kindergarten through 3rd grade; however, we can also provide extra practice and instruction for the upper grades.
    Parents may check out leveled reading books from the Title 1 classroom.  These books can be used with their children at home.  If you need assistance choosing items appropriate to your child's reading and math needs, please contact Ms. King or Mrs. McDougal. 
    Title 1 Reading