• Departmental Grading Policy

    Algebra II


    Pre-AP Algebra II


    20% Homework and Daily Assignments

    35% Homework, Daily Assignments, and Quizzes

    60% Tests and Quizzes

    40% Tests

    20% Semester Test

    5% Extended Time and ACT Now

    20% Semester Test

    • You have seven days to change a grade once it has been posted.  If you choose not to act, then you accept the grade as final.
    • Potentially, a quiz or test can be corrected to receive up to half of the missed points which are added to the original score.
    • Corrections must be completed on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the front of the original.
    • Students have seven days to correct or retake any quiz/test once the student’s assignment has been entered/returned.
    • Semester Tests do not have the option of being corrected or retaken.
    • You may be required to write a “Redo Letter” prior to your teacher accepting your work. Check first!