• Mrs. Owens' Classroom Rules

    Class Expectations

    1.Turn work in on time.

    2.Be in your seat when bell rings.

    3.Everyone in class must participate.

    4.Keep desk area clean.

    5.Must use pencil, black, or blue ink.

    6.Be respectful of classmates and faculty.

    7.No talking during class without permission.

    8.Follow all rules in the handbook.

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  • Moore Public Schools Student Handbook

    The Moore Public Schools Student  Handbook is online this year.  The handbook can be found on the Highland West Junior High School website under the Announcement tabs.
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  • Highland West Junior High Classroom Expectations

    Classroom Expectations for Conduct

    1.   Be respectful of yourself, others and your school. 

    Think of and present yourself in a positive manner. 

    Speak and listen respectfully to adults and fellow students. 

    Be courteous by displaying good social manners.   (please, thank you, you’re welcome, may I, excuse me, etc.)

    Do your part to help keep our school campus clean and attractive by disposing of trash properly, taking care of school property such as furniture, equipment, computer labs, etc.

     2.   Be on time to class.

    Use passing time wisely by taking care of school business matters such as going to your locker for class materials, taking a restroom break or getting a drink of water rather than wasting time socializing with friends.

     Walk rather than run through the hallways

     Enter the classroom before the bell rings and get ready for the lesson.

     3.   Be prepared.  Bring your planner, work materials, and completed assignments.

    Always have your student planner, paper and pencil, textbook, and homework assignments for class.

    Expect to stay in class once you arrive

    Get started on bell work as soon as you enter the classroom.

    4.   Be cooperative with school staff. Follow procedures and policies outlined in the 2014-2015 Student Handbook.

    Recognize that every staff member is an authority figure in the school and deserves your cooperation and respect.

    Read, study, and review the Handbook throughout the school year to know what is expected of you as a student by the MPS School Board and HWJH staff.

    Students must follow each teacher’s cell phone policy as posted in the classroom. 



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