• Hopefully you have been paying attention in class...  If you're trying to figure out what is going on or if you want to stay up to date, visit our Remind class.  From here I will be able to give you all the updates that I possibly can for our class.  This includes NOTES from class, HOMEWORK reminders, QUIZ/TEST reminders, and more!
    PARENTS/GUARDIANS: You may also join your student's Remind class so that you can join in the educational journey ;) In order to do so, please email me at haleighwatsonwilkes@mooreschools.com so that I can email you the class code.
    STUDENTS:  I will message you with updates and reminders.  You are welcome to ask what you missed, about homework, or when a quiz or test will take place.  Communication must pertain directly to our math classroom in a positive, encouraging, and educational manner.  Failure to be respectful will result in disciplinary action.  Do yourself a favor – get the app.

    Please visit https://www.remind.com/terms-of-service for a complete viewing of Remind terms.


    Once you have permission, ask Mrs. Wilkes for our class code.