• Geometry 2017-18 
    • ·        Three ring binder (1 - 1.5 inches) & 5 dividers
    • ·         highlighter (any color)
    • ·         pencil and notebook paper
    • ·         colored grading pen  (not a marker)
    •          One pair of adult scissors (for a class set)
    • ·        TWO dry erase markers (for a class set)  
    Classroom Procedures: 2017-18
    Course Syllabus:  Click Here
    Unit Calendars: A new unit calendar will be posted at the beginning of each unit. Students can log onto their Microsoft OneDrive using their Moore Schools log-in information. All notes, homework, projects, etc. will be posted by unit in their Microsoft OneNote notebook that has been shared with them. These are web based applications that do not REQUIRE installations on your device.  APPS for these can also be downloaded to your IPhone or Android.
    Online Textbook:  
    Our online textbook has not been renewed by the company since we are outside of our six year adoption window.  If you would like to purchase an online textbook for your students to use at home, please use the following instructions: online textbook purchase.  The cost of the online textbook is $6.00 and there is no shipping as it is an online purchase.