• 1st Grade Popcorn Words

    Popcorn words, or more commonly known as Sight Words, are high-frequency words that appear most often in books. These words represent more than 60% of the words in early reading material. Learning to recognize these words by sight is critical to developing fluency in reading. These words come home in your child's Thursday folder the week they have been presented to the students in class. Please review these words nightly with your child.
    *Click here for the printable Popcorn Words Assessment Form: Popcorn Words Assessment
    (This is the form I will use each 9 weeks to assess your child's sight word fluency.)

    Ideas for practicing Popcorn Words at home:

    “Pop” the words out of the bag and read them as they come out

    Use each word in a sentence

    Put the words in ABC order

    Sort them in groups by the number of letters in each word

    Use play-dough to “write” each word

    Rainbow write the words (trace over in multiple colors)

    Make long, silly sentences using as many popcorn words as possible

    Choose several popcorn words and go on a word hunt around the house, in the grocery store, throughout your bedtime story, in magazines, etc.

    Smart Start Week 1: I, can, we , like, see, the, go, to, have, a

    Smart Start Week 2: play, you, he, is, she, and, said, are, do, this

    Smart Start Week 3: what, for, here, little, was, my, look, has, where, with, me

    Unit 1: All About Us
    *Week 1: Pam and Sam- jump, not, up, down
    *Week 2: I Can! Can You?- too, it, yes, over
    *Week 3: How You Grew- run, ride, be
    *Week 4: Pet Tricks- come, good, on, that
    *Week 5: Soccer- very, help, use, now

    Unit 2: Outside My Door
    *Week 6: Animal Moms and Dads- one, two, they, her, does
    *Week 7: Little Red Hen- who, some, of, no, eat
    *Week 8: A Prairie Dog Home- live, into, out, many
    *Week 9: The Fun Kids' Band- make, want, under, put, show, three
    *Week 10,11,&12- we did not have popcorn words due to Christmas activities!
    *Week 13: On My Way to School- today, way, school, late, away, why

    Unit 3: Let's Connect
    Week 14: Kate's Game-hello, could, walk, pull, all, oh
    Week 15: Kids Can Help- boy, girl, people, when care, water, together
    Week 16: Short Shadows, Long Shadows- our, again, would, your, light
    Week 17: Smile, Mike!- call, how, more, funny, there, so
    Week 18: Gram and Me- say, says, about, give, read, were

    Unit 4: Nature Watch
    Week 19: Pelican Was Hungry- opened, every, any, saw, soon
    Week 20: June Robot Cleans Up- work, after, old, find, new, done
    Week 21: Stormy Weather- warm, sound, cold, know, great, their
    Week 22: Meet Ben Franklin- friends, kind, by, far, knew, house
    Week 23: Little Rabbit- before, happen, began, told, heard, falls

    Unit 5: Adventures All Around
    Week 24: Olivia- always, mother, father, try, love
    Week 25: The Kite- shout, ball, head, should, never
    Week 26: Kids' Inventions- children, round, better, oh
    Week 27: Whistle for Willie- early, thought, nothing, along
    Week 28: A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds- places, ground, animals, from, beautiful

    Unit 5: Let's Discover
    Week 29: Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery- been, gone, other
    Week 30: Blue Jay Finds a Way- bear, birds, Earth, table
    Week 31: Cool Jobs- ever, only, laugh, goes
    Week 32: A Tiger Cub Grows Up- eyes, learn, enough, air, across
    Week 33: Sand Castle- circle, toward, leave, grew