About Mr. Warner

  • Mr. Warner Hello, my name is Steve Warner. I am excited to begin my seventh year at Highland East Junior High to help students to enhance their math skills. I am a graduate of the Univesity of Oklahoma and bring plenty of real world experince to my classes. I have a strong background in computers, having taught computer software and hardware classes for many years. As a side note, math will be very important to my students who are aspiring game designers. Computers and math go hand in hand with one another.



    My wife, Regina, and I have lived in Moore since 2006. The May 20, 2013 tornado just missed our house. While we were fortunate, many of our friends suffered greatly in the aftermath. It was insiring to see the community, state, and nation rally around the rebuilding efforts. Despite the awful toll that the tornado took on our town,  Moore has come back stronger than ever!


    I have been involved in sports all my life it seems! Currently, I referee the sports of football, baseball, and basketball, from the high school varsity level down to the little leagues. I have also umpired softball games, as well as officiated volleyball games. I have had the great fortune of officiating state playoff games in football and baseball. Athletes in those sports know the role math plays their individual sports. In fact math plays a factor in every part of life. That's why I take great joy in teaching math--you never know the many ways it can enhance your life!