• Reading
    Seqouyah  Extra Credit:
    If a student reads one of the current Seqouyah books and takes an AR quiz with at least 80% passing grade, they will receive extra credit as follows:
    Children's list = 3 points        
    Intermediate and/or High School list = 5 points
    ***Students can only check out books from the High School List from the Public Library with Parent Permission.  Parents, should research any books on the High School list and decide if they feel it is appropriate for their child.  Some of the Intermediate books will also only be available to students at the Public Library.  If the book is not at South Lake, then the parent should again research the book to deem if it is appropriate for their child before letting them check it out. ***
    Choose a book you have read and complete one of the following.  You may turn in up to 2 each 9 weeks. 
    Each are worth up to 15 bonus points 
  • Language
    Visit one of the following websites:
    Choose any of the topics and take the quiz.  Any quizzes that you make a 90% or above on can be turned in for extra credit.  Once you have completed the quiz, print the last page of the quiz that gives you the number correct.  Put your name on it and turn it in to Mrs. Mitchell at school.  If you do not have a printer, you can take a screen shot and email it to me or show me the screen shot. You will receive 5 bonus points for each quiz you pass with at least a 90%.  You may do up to 10 quizzes each 9 weeks.