Tutoring/Extra Help/ Need supplies to finish an assignment

    Students can come in before school (7:30-8:10) and after school (3:15-4:30) to get help or to finish an assignment.  The student will need to sign up with me.



    Quizzes and Tests

    If a student makes a 70% or less on a quiz or test, he or she may schedule a time to get help and retake the quiz or test.  Retakes must be scheduled within a week from when the quiz was originally given.



    Moore Public Schools Handbook


    Students with a passing grade, who exceed ten (10) absences in a semester will receive a “no credit” (NC) on his/her transcript for the semester. Students without a passing grade will receive an F.

    Students must be IN the classroom when the tardy bell has stopped ringing or he/she will be counted tardy. All tardies are counted unless the student has a pass from a staff member.  Records of tardies will be kept by each teacher. Two (2) tardies constitute an absence and will be counted as such in conjunction with the attendance policy.  If a student misses more than 5 minutes of a class, he/she will be marked in the grade book as absent from the class, and it will count toward the ten (10) days allowed per semester.   Upon checking in, if a student is late to class more than 5 minutes, the student is still required to report to their class. The principal, counselor, or teacher must issue a statement of explanation in order for the tardy to be excused.