• Bryant Art Studio Wish List
    Thank you for visiting our wish list!
    The list breaks down into three parts: items we go through quickly, things we wish we had, and cool stuff to recycle
    If you are able to donate anything, please e-mail me so we can arrange a time for you to drop it off or me to pick it up. 
    If you have something I may not need at that time, I will gladly contact other teachers in the district to find your supplies a good home.
    email: shaehanke
    Here we go!
    Items we go through quickly:
    1.glue sticks
     2. Paper plates (used for disposable paint palettes)
     3. Plastic cups/Paper Dixie cups
    4. wooden craft sticks (used for disposable paint mixers) 
    Things we wish we had:
      1. Air dry clay in white, gray or brown
    2. Fine point sharpies, all colors
    Cool stuff to recycle: 
    1. Tile or linoleum samples
       2. Paint chips
     3. Textured paper scraps 
    4.  Fabric