logo     Southridge Junior High Home of the Leopards
    General Information:
       Grades: 7-8
       7th grade: 238
       8th grade: 266
       Colors: Blue, Gold, and Red
       Traditional 6 hour school day, 55 minute periods
       180 days
       Number of Faculty and Staff: 45
    Graduation Requirements:
       English: 4 units
       Math:  3 units
       Science: 3 units
       Social Studies: 3.5 units
    Music or Physical Education: 1 unit
    Grading Scale:
       A= 90-100
       B= 80-89
       C= 70-79
       D= 60-69
       F= 0-59
       NC= No Credit, due to attendance 
    GPA is based on a 4.0 scale.
    AP and Honor classes are weighted with an a= 5.0, B= 4.0, and C=3.0
    Pre-AP Courses Offered 
       Pre-AP Pre Algebra
       Pre-AP Algebra I 
       Pre-AP English
       Pre- AP Reading 
       Pre-AP Science
       Pre-AP Geography
       Pre-AP History 
    Classes Offered for High School Credit: 
    Algebra I
    2D Art
    3D Art