Parent Portal Information
    Parent Portal provides parents instant access to accurate, current and confidential information about your child(ren)’s school attendance, grades, class assignments and more!
    To meet the standards of FERPA and to maintain the confidentiality of our student’s record’s we will require that only the parent or guardian listed on the students’ official school records may pick up the 32 digit access number. Moreover, you must present a photo ID and sign an Acceptable Use document before the activation process can proceed.
    As we continue this process we realize issues may arise and will require us to work through them with patience and diligence. However, we believe that providing daily access to student performance will benefit parents, students, and our staff.
    Grading Codes on Parent Portal
    Turned in: does not affect student's grade
    (Late); does not affect student's grade unless points are entered
    Missing; averages in as zero
    Dropped; does not affect student's grade
    blank in score area; does not affect student's grade