• Behavior Expectations

    We have high expectations for our students.  We expect the students to achieve academically and socially to their fullest potential.  We expect students to contribute positively to our classrooms.  We expect students to show respect to everyone and use good manners.  We expect every student to try their very best and display a positive attitude.  We are looking forward to a fun and successful year!


    Behavior Consequences

    1st time—verbal warning

    2nd time—mark in discipline book

    3rd time—if a student receives three marks in the discipline book within a one-week period, the parent will receive a notice for detention (noted in the student's agenda).  Detentions will be served before school at 8:30 on the date determined by the homeroom teacher. 

    **Number of behavior marks for the week will be shown in Thursday folders, but can also be tracked daily in student's agenda.



    Thursday Folders

    We will send graded work and other notes/information home each week in the Thursday Folder.  Please sign and return this folder every Friday.  Any daily work, (not a test or quiz) that is below a 70% can be corrected for an average of the two grades—maximum new average is 70%.  We will also use this folder to notify you if your child has not turned in an assignment.



    Your child is expected to write assignments in their personal planner  exactly as they see them written on classroom boards Monday through Thursday and ask for your signature.   We check these daily, so please feel free to use their planner as a means of communication to us.


    No Zero/Late Work Policy

    If a student turns in an assignment one day late, 15 points will be deducted from their score.  After it is two days late, they have until the end of the 9 weeks to turn it in for half credit.  All missing assignments will be labeled "M" or "Missing" in Parent Portal.  Sign up and receive alerts for posted grades etc.  


    Absent Work Policy

    If a student is absent they have the number of days they are absent plus one to have work completed and turned in.  If it is not completed in this timely manner then late work policy will apply. 

    Mrs. Easley's Expectations: Be Ready, Responsible, and Respectful-EVERYDAY!  
    Eastlake Creed:
    I am an Eastlake Leopard. 
    I am bright, unique, and special. 
    There is nothing I cannot do. 
    Today, I have the courage 
    to be the best that I can be.  
    I am responsible for my own actions.  
    WILL make today count-
    for THIS DAY begins the rest of my life...