• Reading and PreAp English

    Course Description:

      • This course will provide all students with learning experiences based on the 7th grade Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts.

      Grading Distribution:

      • Daily Assignments 80%  
      • Semester Test= 20%

      What I need daily

      • Three ring binder and Pocket folder with brads
      • Supply Kit
      • Agenda
      • Library Book  

      What to Expect

      • Bell work & bell work daily
      • Homework Thursday evenings
      • Daily Work
      • Quizzes & Test

      Classroom Expectations

      • Be respectful of yourself, others & your school
      • Be on time to class, tardy students must quietly sign the tardy sheet
      • Do not disrupt my teaching or the learning of you fellow classmates.  
      • Be cooperative with all schools staff
      • Wait to be dismissed before leaving class
      • Follow policies and procedures in handbook

      ~Days absent = Days allowed before assignment is due

      ~Late Work = 50% for 5 days

      ~Book Reports and Late Work Not Accepted

      •  Use your personal and class time wisely.

      Cell Phones

      • There should be no cell phones out in class.  They need to be on silent or turned off and placed in locker.  
      • 1st Offense - picked up in the main office at the end of the day, discipline plan followed.
      • 2nd offense - picked up and parent in the office, discipline plan followed.  

      Discipline Plan

      Severe misbehavior such as fighting, open defiance of authority, vulgarity, or conduct which threatens the safety of others, will result in an immediate referral to the principal.

      1. Verbal Warning/Correction
      2. Student Conference
      3. Lunch Detention(s)
      4. After School Detention(s)/ Parent Contact
      5. Referral to the Principal

      Bathroom Privileges:

      • Students will be allowed four restroom trips per semester.  

      Keeping up with Grades & Up-Dates

      Student Progress will be updated on Parent Portal online & through progress reports that will be sent out every three weeks.  It is the student’s responsibility to deliver their progress report to their parent/guardians. Parents/guardians may sign up on Parent Portal in the counseling center.  

      Remind 101:

      http://www.remind.com/join/8kc4e or Text: 81010 with the message 8kc49e

      Teacher Contact Info