• Classroom Management/Behavior Plan


    Dear Parents,

    I hope you had a wonderful summer with your child.  I am looking forward to 1st grade this year!  First grade is a year of progress.  This will be especially true in the area of student behavior.

    During the first half of the school year we will spend a great deal of time helping our students make good choices and find success in the school setting by following rules and demonstrating good social skills.  Many kindergarten students used the clip system to help understand the school-wide and classroom expectations.  This year, the children are familiar with these expectations and are mostly successful each day with monitoring their own behavior and not having to move their clip.  It is for this reason we will now be working to build on and individualize the existing system so the students are able to identify both their strengths and areas of concern.

    In the coming weeks, after reviewing our classroom rules and expectations, I will meet with each of the children individually to set one behavioral goal for the 9 weeks.  Rather than monitoring a clip system, I will work with students and help them monitor their own behaviors.  I want the students to follow the expectations of the class because it is the right thing to do, not out of concern of having to potentially move their clip.  Once I meet with your child, I will send home a note letting you know the skill on which we will be working.

    Although you will not receive a daily “color”, you will receive intermittent feedback from me on how your child is progressing.  By transitioning away from the clip system, I will be able to individualize support for the children and together, your child and I will provide you with more quality information supporting how he or she is doing mastering behavior and social skills at school. Please note – I will keep you informed when your child is doing very well or when there is a strong concern. 

    As I set goals with your child, I welcome your input!  If there is a behavioral goal you would like me to support or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at julierobinson@mooreschools.com.  As always, I really appreciate your support from home.  I am looking forward to a very productive and fun-filled year with your child.


     Mrs. Julie Robinson