• All first grade students will get their own Bronco Binder to take home each night and bring to school each day. This binder is very important for parent communication and for student practice at home. Our first graders will have six tabs in their Bronco Binders:
    B is for Brand New:  Notes and newsletter for parents about new and/or upcoming events in our classroom.
    R is for Reading: Students can document the books they read at home
    O is for Out of Sight Words: Students will be able to practice sight words at home. These anchor words are very important as we work to become proficient readers in first grade. There is a list of many ways to practice sight words at home behind this tab also.
    N is for New Spelling Words: Students will get new spelling words each Monday. Please practice these spelling rules with your child to assist him/her become a life long speller! We will also have a spelling test on these words each Friday.
    C is for Communication: This tab allows a log for communication. Please mark this tab if you have a note for me so your child and I will be reminded to check it!
    O is for Over the Top Home Practice: This tab will have math facts and nonsense word lists for students to practice at home. We will also move our spelling words from the previous week here for more review.