• Dear Students,
    This year in 6th grade you will get to be a part of a classroom economy.  An economy is a money system within a certain community. You will be able to earn money for how well you do your job, coming to school, and spend your money on extra privileges throughout the year.  This is a great way to incorporate all your math skills you have learned up to this point, and learn how our actual economy works.  You will be responsible for renting your desk each month, paying taxes to help those who cannot, donating to a charity of your choice, and of course adding to your savings account for an end of the year special.  You must pay for these things before you can pay for extras.  Some of the extra things you may be interested in are:  Fun Friday bring your own snack, homework point pass, lunch buddy pass, and free lunch Friday.  Just like in any economy nothing is free, so choose wisely on your purchases.  Good luck!!
    Mrs. Dowell