• Philosophy
    The Titan philosophy is to provide a success-oriented, safe and non-threatening environment where every child is challenged to pursue their individual potential.

    The Titan program provides a framework in which the students can develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. As students leave the program, they will have gained a foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to create and implement a personalized fitness plan, tryout for a sports team, explore new and exciting ways to stay active, and pursue lifelong health.

    In order to have fun and learn we need to be in an environment that allows for all to succeed. This can be accomplished if all students are respectful, responsible, and ready for class every day.

    Clothes should allow for unrestricted movement and be suited for outdoor temperatures. Only soft-soled, laced, tied, and supportive athletic shoes are allowed. Please, no jewelry should be worn during class that is expensive, sentimental, excessive, or unsafe.


    To prevent choking and to keep the gym clean, no food, drink, or candy is allowed. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged when students use that privilege responsibly.

     Medical/parent excuses:
    A letter written by a parent or legal guardian may excuse a student from an activity. A doctor's note is needed to excuse a student from physical education. No student will ever be required to do any activity that would jeopardize their health.