• Supply list



    Needed supplies (All Classes):

     To help students be successful in my class the following items are necessary.

    ·        A 1.5 " three-ring binder with notebook paper for storing returned homework, quizzes and tests, and notebook paper.

    ·        A spiral notebook for keeping notes, including warm-ups

    ·        Pencils with erasers

    ·        Grading pens – any color besides black or blue

    ·        TI-30 Multi-view Calculator (optional but recommended).


    Requested items (by class hour):

    ·        1st hour: one ream of copy paper

    ·        2nd hour: Kleenex

    ·        4th hour:  notebook paper, wide-ruled

    ·        5th hour:  Kleenex

    ·        6th hour: Kleenex


    Additional supplies requested:

    I would greatly appreciate anyone who is able to donate any of the following items for class use:

                      Extra pencils for the class

                      Extra notebook paper