Dear Parents,                                                                                                   

                I want to welcome you and your child to my second grade class at Earlywine Elementary School.  I expect it to be a great year with many new learning experiences for your child.  This letter is to inform you of some of the procedures we will be following this year.

                Reading:  Reading books will go home on the first day of the week. Students need to read the story aloud to you and practice the vocabulary words that are found at the beginning of the story by Wednesday.  After you listen to your child read this story aloud, please sign the paper in front of the reading book.  PLEASE RETURN THE READING BOOK EACH DAY. If there is a three day week, there will be no reading assignment from our reading textbook.  To encourage outside reading for more practice, I will place a reading log in his/her home folder for you to record your child’s reading selections. At the end of the year, I will give out certificates to students that have read 25 and 100 books. Also, 100 books read will receive a medal.   If the reading log is lost, just write the books on a paper.  Furthermore, I encourage students to read Accelerated Readers (AR).   This is a program that students can take tests on a computer after they have read the book. This is a great way to see if your child comprehends what he or she is reading. Students will need to earn 20 points per semester. This is part of their reading grade for that semester.  AR books from Earlywine’s library have a green or yellow sticker on them. Reading level and the point value is located on the front on the book.  Go to the website www.arbookfind.com to look up AR book information on any book.

                Math:  Please review the addition and subtraction facts with your child on a regular basis. Math fact homework will start in September.  Also, please check over your child’s work that comes home either daily or in the Thursday folder.

                Spelling:  A list of spelling words will be sent home on the first day of the week. Spelling lists for the year can also be found on my website.   The test will be given on the last day of the week. If there is a three day week, there will be no test.

                Thursday Folders: Each Thursday your child will take home a folder which will include a conduct grade and graded assignments. Please review the work with your child. Sign the Thursday folder sheet so I will know you have seen your child’s papers and return the folder on the next school day with any corrected assignments and notes enclosed. Thursday folder is our weekly communication, it is important that you see it each week.

                Grading Information: Assignments (except tests) may be corrected if a student scores below 60%.  Students may correct the assignment(s) and the two grades will be averaged.  The averaged grade will be recorded for that assignment. Please help your child correct their mistakes.  Corrected assignment must be returned within 3 school days.  If you feel there is an error in grading or if you have any questions, please call it to my attention. 

                I am looking forward to enjoying an exciting, productive year at school.  Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions.


                                                                Starla Kachelmeyer