• Learning Expectations:

    1.     Follow the directions quickly

    2.      Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    3.      Respect yourself, others, and your school.

    4.      Make smart choices.

    5.      Keep your dear teacher happy.


    Learning Choices:




                            >15 min. Time Out and/or Recess

                            >30 min. Time Out in another classroom and/or Recess

                            >Call Parents

                            >Visit with Principal



                            Rewards for good behavior include stickers, praise, treats, class parties, special lunch time, extra computer time, and a lot of smiles from your teacher.  The students that have broken four expectation or less for the week will receive a special treat.


    I will discuss this plan with all the students in my class, but I would appreciate it if you would review the expectations, learning choices, and rewards with your child. 


    Thank you for your support.



    Starla Kachelmeyer (starlakachelmeyer@mooreschools.com)