• Corrected Assignments
    Assignments may be corrected if a student scores below a 60% on any assignment. (tests not included)  Students will be allowed to redo that assignment.  An average of the two grades will be taken and that average will be the recorded grade for the assignment. For example, if a student scores a 53% the first time, the assignment may be redone and the student scores a 100% the second time, an average of the 53% and 100% will be taken and the score recorded will be a 77%. If you see an assignment come home that is below a 60% or says "REDO", please help your child redo the assignment and return it to me. When redoing an assignment, please be sure to review the material with your child, making sure they understand it. If I do not receive the redone assignment within 5 days, the first grade will be recorded. Some assignments may be corrected at school with the teacher’s assistance.
    Grading Codes
    Grading codes that you may find on assignments - Assignments marked with a sticker, stamp, Ok or star – means assignment checked for completionand/or understanding. Check mark T – Assignments graded together in class CT – Assignments completed together in class  OD – Assignments orally discussed together as a class
    Thank you for your help. Mrs. Kachelmeyer