• 5th Grade Discipline Procedures

    • Dojo: As a team, we will use Class Dojo on a daily basis to monitor classroom behavior. Students will be rewarded for class participation, good behavior, following procedures, etc. Students can also lose dojo points for being disrespectful, being off task, talking in the hallway, etc. If students earn more points in a day than lose points, it will only show students having positive numbers! J We will have a dojo party at the end of each 9 weeks to reward those students with good behavior!
    • Discipline Marks: Discipline marks trump class dojo. If students have extreme/excessive behavior, it will be recorded immediately as a mark. These marks will go in the student’s agenda and must be signed by a parent.
    • Learning Expectations & Learning Consequences-

    Learning Expectations:

    1. Enter the building and classrooms quietly and begin completing agenda.
    2. Be in assigned seat ready to work when class begins, with needed supplies and assignments.   
    3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4. Talk with respect and kindness to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  No swearing, rude gestures, teasing, or put-downs will be tolerated.
    5. Respect classroom property and property of peers.
    6. Listen carefully and follow teachers’ directions.


    **Should a student choose to disregard the above learning expectations, the following consequences will occur:            

     Learning Consequences:

    1st incident:  Student will be given a warning and a mark in the Class Discipline Book.

    2nd incident within the same day:  Student will lose recess and receive a second mark in Class Discipline Book.

    3rd incident within the same day:  Student will lose recess, lose an incentive letter, and receive a third mark in the Class Discipline Mark.            

    4th incident within the same day:  ICD (In class detention) Student will sit in an isolation desk in another fifth grade classroom other than his/her homeroom, receive a 4th discipline mark, and parents will be contacted. 

    5th (or more) incident within the same day: Principal Intervention Student will immediately be sent to the principal to handle.

    Discipline marks are coded as follows:


    1. Talking
    2. Hallway/line procedure
    3. Failure to follow directions/Off task
    4. Lying/Cheating
    5. Disrespectful
    6. Agenda
    7. Not prepared 


     **This key is located in the student’s agenda for students and parents to refer to when needed. Discipline marks are noted in the student’s agenda on a daily basis.