This one is for you!



    I wanted to have a page just for you! On this page you can find upcoming events and important information that applies to you throughout the year. If you have any questions or concers please contact me via email.

     Thursday Folders 

    EVERY Thursday these folders will go home to you. If you would please sign and return them with your student the next day, that would be a huge help to your student and myself. 

    Class DOJO

    In 5th Grade, we use an app called Class DOJO. We encourage you to sign up for this app on Back to School Night and at Parent University. We will use this app all year long to stay in contact with you about upcoming events and happenings in our grade! It is such a quick way for us to get information to you. It will come as a text to your phone! :) 

    We will also be using DOJO in class as well. Within this app, there is a way that we can give and take points away from students depending on behavior. For example, a student is doing what they have been asked to do they will recieve positve points. On the other side of that, if they are disrupting class, they will get points taken away. They will keep a running total throughout the month. At the end of the month the top 3 point holders in each homeroom class will earn a reward. Rewards from last year included the following (pizza party at lunch, Rootbeer floats, favortie drink, sit with a friend at lunch, icy's)


     Interactive Notebooks

    In Science & Social Studies we will be using a spiral notebook that will be our study tool for the year. This notebook will be the ticket to successful studying in our class. They will have a blue and green spiral one for each subject. They are more than welcome to take this home around test time in order to study from. I ONLY ASK THAT THEY BRING THEM BACK! :)

    Find My Bus

    If you need to find your bus for the school year please visit this link!


     7 Habits/ Leader in Me

    At Kingsgate, we are using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids created by Stephen Covey. We will be talking about all 7 habits as the year progresses. Please encourage your student to use these habits inside and outside of school. This is a list of the 7 habits we will be looking into.

    • Be Proactove
    • Begin With the End in Mind
    • Put First Things First
    • Think Win-Win
    • Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood
    • Synergize
    • Sharpen the Saw