• How to Use Online Books

    How to Use Online Books

    AP BIO: Website is Masteringbiology.com and your user name is your last name started with a capital, first initial then, 171. Example Penced171. Your password is your initials first one capitalized with your student ID. EX: Dp123456
    Your website contains assignments that are due weekly. They are usually due Monday morning by 8:00 am. The class to join is PENCEAPBIO. They are on the mastering calendar and on Canvas, so remember you can look at both places for work.

    Pre-AP BIO: To get to your textbook go to Westmoore HS website. https://www.mooreschools.com/site/Default.aspx?PageID=17387

    Click on the student tab
    Click on Clever
    Office 365 Log in with School email and School ID
    Click on the McGraw Hill Education Icon (scroll down)
    When it ask you to sign in. You will use your moorestudents email (Example: Deannepence@moorestudents.com)
    Your password is your school ID.

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