• I'm worried about my child's speech and/or language....now what???
    Children 0 - 2.11 years old
    1. Contact your Health Department and ask about having your child evaluated. Be ready to tell them your concerns (i.e. "he's 2 1/2 and only says 5 words" or "he doesn't respond to his name"). Cleveland County Health Department: 405-794-1591 
    2. Talk with your pediatrician! Again, have specific areas of concern ready to tell him or her about. You may want to ask about a free program called Sooner Start (Oklahoma's Early Intervention Program).
    Children 3 to 5 years (not in a Moore school yet)
    1. Call Bryant Elementary (735-4130) and ask about having your child evaluated for developmental skills (tell them your main concern whether it be speech, socializing, motor abilities, cognition, adaptive behavior, etc.). All children age 3-5 (or prior to preschool/kindergarten) are the public school's responsibility as far as testing and possible eligbility for Special Education and Related Services.
    2. OR Contact the local Health Department just as #1 in the 0-2.11 age.
    Children in preschool & up
    1. Discuss your concern first with your child's teacher. Our teachers are very knowledgable about developmental errors in speech and language and will be able to discuss with you if a referral to me, or your Speech Pathologist, is warranted. If it is indeed needed you and I will be talking soon!
    * All parents may access the American Speech and Hearing Association's website: asha.org for further information about the appropriate stages in speech and language development.
    *Children who are home schooled and privately schooled - please call me at 735-4130.