• Information
  • Hours of Operation: clock
    •  The library is open from 7:15 AM until 2:30 PM.
    •  The library is opened during most lunches, before school, and after school. 
    •  During the school day students may come to the library with a pass from their teacher.
    •  Students need a pass when not with a teacher. This includes class time, before school and during lunch.
     Borrowing and Returning Items: books
    • Students may check out and return books during the times that we are open. 
    • There is an additional book drop located in the 700 building, and another across the hall from the school's main office.
    • Books may be checked out 2 books at a time, for a period of 2 weeks.
    • When books are due, students need to renew the book or return the book to one of the library book drops. 
    • Students may renew a book one time and may do so without having the book with them.  
    • Students are responsible for turning the book back in on time.
    • There is a 10-cent-per-day fine on all overdue items.
    • Library privileges are revoked until the book is returned and the fine has been cleared.
    • The replacement price must be paid for any book that is not returned or that is damaged.

    Responsible Reading: Kids Read
    • Students are encouraged to become "Responsible Readers."
    • Central Jr. High students have a wide range of interests and reading levels.  When a student checks out a book, we want them to get a book that meets their approval, as well as their parent's approval.
    • Due to the wide range of our students, many types of books are purchased. Our fiction books range from easy reading to Young Adult books.
    • If a student feels that the book is not appropriate for them, they should return the book and find another. 
    • Library personnel are always willing to help students locate a book to their liking.    
    Library Usage: computer
    • The library may be used for finding books, researching through books or on the computer, working on assignments, reading, or purchasing supplies.
    • Be respectful at all times. Respect others and also all library property.
    • Students are encouraged to talk softly and have a seat if they are not looking for a book. Making excessive noise or disruptions may result in being asked to leave the library.
    • The library computers are for school related work.  All work on the computers must be school appropriate.
    • Please be responsible when printing. Students should use "cut" and "paste" to keep printing to a minimum.
    • Click "print" only once. If the item does not print the first time, please ask for assistance.
    • Students are encouraged to purchase supplies such as pencils, erasers, folders, poster board and paper in the library.
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